Lakewood Dallas shower remodel

Lakewood Custom Shower and Bathroom Remodel

Sometimes builders just don’t quite get it right with their creations. Take this large bathroom built in a newer Lakewood home near White Rock Lake. This gorgeous house was made to look like an older 4 square craftsman. But the master bath room just didn’t have what the home owners wanted. The shower was confining with a small glass door, the marble floor tile was too brown and just plain ugly. We wanted to correct those mistakes and update the space. This involved completely redoing the shower area, replacing all the floor tile, installing a new privacy obsured glass window, new lighting, a ceiling fan and new sinks for the vanity.


The new tile with a much more open shower layout and more glass.


The new obscured glass took care of the problem of people being able to see in.

Lakewood Dallas shower remodel

The redesigned shower is much more open., includes a corner bench, a decorative glass border and a large glass shower enclosure with plenty of room and a wide glass door.


The Original Shower with a very narrow door