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Montfort Designs has been in business for 22 years and is owned by Joel Montfort. In that time we have completed hundreds of flat screen TV installations. From the early days of 80-pound plasma TVs to the newer, giant 100+ inch TVs, we have installed them all. Whether you need that shiny new flat-screen TV installed on sheetrock, brick, tile, cement, over a fireplace, or outside, we have the expertise to do it right.

If you need to add a hidden electrical outlet, no problem, we can do it. Need to hide a cable in the wall? Easy as pecan pie, we've got you covered. Need to connect your Smart TV to the internet and hook up your Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, or whatever else you have? We can do that, too.

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Our Flat Screen Installation Options:

  • We can mount flat screen TV's on just about any surface. Sheetrock, Brick, Cement, Wood, Tile ,Steel
  • We can mount any size TV up to 110"
  • We can make the plug disappear by running a new electrical plug behind the TV
  • We can hide cables in the walls or reroute them when possible so they are invisible
  • We can install low-profile flat screen TV wall mounts, or swing-out TV wall mounts depending on your needs

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Joel Montfort


Joel Montfort has been a professional remodeler for over 22 years. In that time he has remodeled dozens of homes and installed hundreds of flat-screen TVs. Joel prides himself on delivering a quality install and great customer service. Joel has a Bachelor of Arts from UT Austin and a Masters in Political Science from UT Dallas and is a real expert on homes and their construction.

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