Kitchen Remodel in North East Dallas

This kitchen remodel near Mockingbird and Abrams was recently finished. We took a typical 50’s style galley kitchen with built in cabinets and fir downs and dramatically reshaped the space. The floor had 50 years worth of vinyl flooring, and the whole thing was painted a dreary beige. The washing machine, hot water heater, and dryer were all crammed on one wall and made the kitchen look incredibly small. The countertops were Formica and the sink was uninspiring. Lighting was a typical fluorescent box mounted on the ceiling.

What we created was an open space with beautiful custom stained Alder wood cabinets, granite countertops and travertine floors. The backsplash was done in travertine and stone. The result was nothing short of extraordinary. We even opened up a wall to create a bar area into the living space. Can lights were installed along with pendants to give ample lighting.